doctor on video call

Optimizing Physician Time With Efficient Video Tools

Everyone’s time is important. For hospitals and healthcare systems, the time physicians spend explaining routine procedures can add up.

While telemedicine has grown in recent years thanks to the efforts from Zoom or Talkspace, those live calls and meetings are still taking up physicians’ valuable time.

So what is the next step in telemedicine which not only fosters a physician patient relationship but also optimizes the time spent with each patient?

Two words: asynchronous video.

Thanks to the flexibility of asynchronous video, Cyrano is able to provide physicians with a powerful tool which can be used to create standard procedural information content.

Doctors are using Cyrano is to create educational videos for potential patients and build a video library of information on all the services offered at any practice. These videos display the doctor’s expertise and genuine passion for their work while making sensitive procedures clear and easy to understand.

Now, patients can watch and process the content at their convenience. Leaving the doctors newly found free time open to answer specific questions and concerns rather than spending the entire appointment time going into explanation about the standard procedure.

Cyrano’s video capturing capabilities also provide hospitals the tools to record physician bios with ease, which are quickly becoming standard practice.

If your doctor’s time is important to your hospital or healthcare system, consider implementing Cyrano in your hospital. Get your physicians in front of their patients, at a safe social distance and saving time.