Best Practices For Internal Communications In 2021

Internal communications saw a lot of changes in 2020.

The needs of employees also evolved and the need for leaders to engage with their teams became a much higher priority as organizations began remote work.

Cyrano’s video solution brings teams together from the top down with asynchronous communications.

Video is the most effective solution because an asynchronous video does not interrupt valuable work time. With Cyrano’s real time analytics you will know right away if an update was overlooked.

While becoming a “Video First Communicator” may seem daunting, Cyrano’s Customer Success team will take you step by step through the best strategy for your organization.

From the beginning, Creative Services personalizes your entire Cyrano experience with custom your own branding. From backdrops to the colors in the app, everything is customized for your organization.

Once you receive your Studio Kit, the Customer Success team will walk you through simple recording tasks for practice. As you continue making and distributing videos, they will also keep an eye on the analytics and will offer suggestions to increase engagement.

With our mobile and desktop apps, and Cyrano’s Chrome extension, you have limitless possibilities for recording. If you are camera shy, screen recordings are also a great way to make quick videos. Simply share your screen and read the information you would have otherwise provided in an email for increased involvement and understanding.

Enterprise video for internal communications is a necessary adaptation for the new normal of the remote workplace. Don’t fall behind with your internal communications tech, let your employees know you care about keeping them informed and updated with Cyrano Video.