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This article explains the features and navigation of Analytics on Cyrano’s website.

To access your reports, navigate to the Profile  located at the bottom left of the webpage and click on Download Reports. On mobile, find your analytics under Settings in the menu.

Where to find Analytics

On the homepage of the Cyrano website, the Analytics tab [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” icon_size=”” image=”fa-line-chart”] will be on the far left of the screen near the bottom . Clicking the tab will open a new webpage with the analytics information.

  • On the left side of the Analytics page there is two sections of statistical analytics on viewing data
  • Your sharing shows the viewing data on your personally sent out video messages
  • Organizational sharing shows the viewing data on all video messages sent out by your organization


Information found in Analytics

Analytics provides specific information on the usage habits and actions of both the publisher of a program as well as the receivers of that program.

  • Use the “date range drop down menu” on the upper right corner of the screen to see the interactive habits of users over a specific period of time
  • Click the [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” icon_size=”” image=”fa-ellipsis-v”] button in the top right corner then click “ [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”tiny” icon_size=”” image=”fa-download”] Download CSV” to save the analytics data for sharing or printing
  • Listed under “Your Sharing Overview” are the number of programs you have shared in that time range, the number of times that program was viewed, and the number of times a program has been watched more than 50% of its duration.
  • The percentages shown under these numbers indicate the change in the actions within the set date range and the previous date range of that duration
  • All of the programs you have shared within the selected date range will appear under “Your Program Sharing” with the date shared, author, recipients, number of views, publish date, and the date/time of the last view
  • The High ENG% shows the amount of the video message that was viewed by the recipient

To see the number of shares, views and overall engagement of a specific video, click the program title under the Program Sharing section.


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