Self Help Documentation

My Profile

This article explains the different sections found in the Profile tab on the Cyrano website. To edit your profile on mobile, go through the menu to find Settings.


How to access your Profile

To access your profile on the Cyrano webpage, click on Profile [icon color=”Accent-Color” size=”small” icon_size=”” image=”fa-user”] located at the bottom left of the homepage. This will bring up your profile page.

What information is in your Professional Profile?

The following information can be found in your Professional Profile

  • Email Address
  • Title
  • Department
  • Direct Manager/Boss
  • Employment Start Date
  • Work Phone
  • Fax
  • Signature
  • Former Employer Name
  • Former Employer Job Title/Role
  • Former Employer Dates Employed
  • Address


What information is in your Personal Profile?

The following fields are editable in your Personal Profile

  • Email
  • First, Last, and Middle Name
  • Nickname
  • Primary Language
  • Hobbies
  • Name Pronunciation (Audio File)
  • Profile Picture
  • College/University
  • High School
  • Cell Phone
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Birthday
  • Spouse/Partner Name
  • Test Results
  • Address


What information is in your Social Profile?

The following information can be found in your Social Profile

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Personal Charity Name, Website, Video


Professional Bio

Your Professional Bio page is where you can upload a video telling everyone about yourself and your work. See the tips given on the page for some pointers on where to begin.


Edit Profile (mobile)

There are six sections within your profile, each with distinct categorized information (almost all fields are optional to fill out). The first section, which will automatically be open at the top of the page upon editing your profile, consists of fields necessary or helpful for creating and navigating Cyrano content.

  • The image at the top will become your profile photo. You may wish to take a photo on that screen or use an old photo from your personal photo library. Tap anywhere on that image section to begin the process, take a photo by hitting the green button or choose one from your library by tapping the small photo square in the bottom left corner
  • Discard a profile photo at anytime by tapping the trash can in the bottom right of the image
  • The email entered will become the primary used email for Cyrano messaging
  • A first and last name are required, as this will allow others to know who sends, likes, comments on, or views videos. You may also add a middle name if you wish and the name you prefer to be identified as in the “Nick Name” field
  • Tap Record Pronunciation” to record the phonetic pronunciation of your name so that others may correctly pronounce your name when mentioning you in videos. Playback your pronunciation by tapping and delete anytime by tapping the trash can to the right of this field
  • You may also wish to record a video biography to improve other’s familiarity with you. Begin recording by tapping (for more information on the features within the recording screen, see Creating Content)

The remaining five sections within your profile will not be linked to any Cyrano specific data, but will be available for viewing in the directory and can further promote your individuality and networking within your organization. These sections- Professional Profile, Business Location, Personal Profile, Prior Work Experience, and Social Profiles- can be found at the bottom of the Edit Profile screen and information can be filled out by tapping the dropdown arrow to the right of the field.