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This article explains the purpose and usage for the items found under Approvals on the Cyrano website.


What is the Approval process?

Programs for approval are no different than any other program except they need to be approved by another user before being published. This is a useful tool for managing the content of users in an organization and implementing approval based workflow.

Accessing programs for Approval 

On Cyrano’s webpage, access your scripts by navigating to the Tasks tab on the far left side of the homepage. There you will see the tab labeled Pending. Click on this to access and navigate through programs that need your approval before being published. You will see a number beside the Pending tab if there are currently programs that need your attention.

Approval process

When you have a program that needs approval, simply click the edit button [image] to open up the program. Go through the program like you would a program you created. For more information on programs, view our article on Programs. You may edit any aspect of the program. Once you are satisfied with the program, go to the final page and click Publish. This will allow the program to go live on the Go Live Date.


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